Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The true source of mass shootings

Isn't it weird that these mass shootings and murder-suicides only really started to take-off as we started mass-medicating society?

And the antidepressants, which have a known link to violence, are prescribed by the millions?

Here are some videos you can watch that highlight the real cause of these shootings.


El said...

These shooting started in the early 1990's and escalated as the use of SSRI's increased.

Shrinks stink but the drug companies are worse.

Enjoylife said...

Hi, just spotted your blog and thought the videos were very interesting as I sort of know that these drugs and all drugs are not good. I do somehow agree that they are also linked to outbreaks in more problems in our society. Our schools are practically pushing our kids in the direction of meds to get through their day and not taking the time out to pour funds into the school systems where its needed for staff and kids. This was not the case years ago. Now, we are hearing more suicides and killings that are linked to meds - according to videos as I have not heard all reasons behind actions.