Monday, June 06, 2011

Snake oil salesman Patrick McGorry...

Psychiatrist Patrick McGorry, (who somehow ended up as "Australian of the Year" much to the delight of Big Pharma, we're sure) has an international agenda to pre diagnose and pre drug children Starting in Australia and branching out worldwide. McGorry is so out there, most other psychiatrists don't want anything to do with him. That, says a lot.
Here's a brilliant article exposing McGorry and his Voodoo Science.

Psychiatrist Patrick McGorry: Voodoo Science & Snake Oil | Utopia Research Institute

Are our children really AT RISK or is Patrick McGorry selling us Voodoo Science & Snake Oil? Should we trust our childrens lives to Patrick McGorry? Do we want our children to be labelled with Psychosis Risk Syndrome? The Federal Government has handed $400 million dollars to Patrick McGorry...


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