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More on Dr. Daniel R. Lerom sex scandal


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Ken Kramer is a researcher for the Citizens Commission on

Human Rights, a group that investigates psychiatric abuse.  



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Racy texts from Tampa doctor to his patient

By Melanie Brooks

February 15, 2010

Tampa, Florida - New details are emerging about the case of a Tampa psychologist accused of having sex with his patient.

Dr. Daniel R. Lerom is listed in documents as having a long-standing sexual relationship with his Lakeland patient, listed only as "HK" in a lawsuit filed with Hillsborough County Circuit Court.

Each time they two had sex, documents say, the doctor would bill her Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance for their "sessions."

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Text messages show that the 49-year-old doctor told his patient, "My body felt great all over after last night. "

 "I wish you were here in the shower with me to warm me up." 

"If I were there, I would rub you and kiss you all over." 

The doctor even referred to himself as her "Red Hot Lover," or RHL for short.

A lawsuit filed by the patient and documentation from the Florida Surgeon General's Office show that the two had oral sex and intercourse in hotel rooms, his office on West Kennedy and the patient's home in Lakleland.

The patient also gave her doctor a key, sources say.

Ken Kramer is a researcher for the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, a group that investigates psychiatric abuse.  

Kramer was very upset to learn about the details in this case. "It's a felony. It's against the hippocratic oath.  It's something you just don't do."

He wants to know why this case hasn't gone to the authorities.

10 Connects checked documentation with the State Attorney's Office in both Hillsborough and Polk counties, and even though this incident would be considered a felony, no charges have been filed.

Kramer himself sent an email to the state asking why.

The Department of Health confirmed that they have not filed the case with the State Attorney or law enforcement.

Kramer says, "This is not OK to do. It's psychiatric rape. It's not OK. It's against the law. You cannot do this."

Dr. Lerom is now being sued by his former lover.

Documents show that he began counseling the woman back in 1995.  In February of 2009, she broke off her engagement and began having a relationship with the doctor, sources say. 

When the doctor's wife found out, he ended the alleged affair.

The woman was institutionalized shortly thereafter.  She had reportedly suffered a mental collapse.


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