Friday, December 04, 2009

Ever see a psychiatrist get his license revoked?

Today, the Florida Board of Medicine voted unanimously to revoke Emanuel John Falcone’s medical license.

He had sex with a patient.


See video here:




Psychiatrist Emanuel Falcone


More stories and TV footage will be coming forth but the below links show what has been reported today.  


A few excerpts:

Florida Times Union

Florida State Prison psychiatrist's license stripped over past patient-sex relationship

In today’s hearing, Falcone’s effort to get his revocation reduced to probation and a fine, among other penalties, was rebuffed by the panel. He declined to be interviewed as he left the hearing and walked away with his head down and hands in his pockets.

Florida Department of Corrections Admits Poor Judgement in Hiring

The Florida Department of Corrections admits its medical staff used poor judgment when they hired a psychiatrist at Florida State Prison, even though they knew his medical license had been revoked in New York for having sex with a mentally ill patient he was treating.

Medical license revoked for prison psychiatrist

The Associated Press


RAIFORD, Fla. -- A senior psychiatrist at Florida State Prison at Raiford will have his medical license revoked.

The Florida Board of Medicine voted unanimously Friday to revoke the license of Emanuel Falcone.

Florida Health News

Psychiatrist's license revoked

By Carol Gentry


Falcone, 52, resigned when top officials at the Department of Corrections found out from a reporter for the Florida Times Union that his New York license was revoked last year. Authorities there had charged him with taking sexual advantage of a patient who had multiple personality disorder, an adult woman who had numerous childlike "alters."


Weekley said it was unfortunate that corrections officials reacted to "a high-profile media circus." Indeed, television cameras recorded the proceedings, an unusual event for an administrative board.

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