Thursday, June 11, 2009

Florida Press this Week

4-Jun-09 Miami Herald Lawsuit links psychiatric drugs to Tamarac child’s death

4-Jun-09 Youth Today FDA Committee to Rule on Psych Meds for Youths

7-Jun-09 Palm Beach Post Kids and drugs. Too much, too little?

5-Jun-09 News Press Children in foster care taking psychotropic drugs higher than originally thought.

7-Jun-09 St. Petersburg Times EDITORIAL: Foster care failures

8-Jun-09 Miami Herald Drugging foster kids shows more neglect

7-Jun-09 Sarasota Herald Tribune Portrait of a child at risk

7-Jun-09 Sarasota Herald Tom Lyons: System doesn’t always foster good parenting

8-Jun-09 Sun Sentinel THE ISSUE: Death raises concern about psychotropic drugs.,0,2212606.story

5-Jun-09 Palm Beach Post Editorial EDITORIAL: Owning up, cleaning up

9-Jun-09 Miami Herald Drug rules to protect kids were ignored, DCF says

10-Jun-09 Gainesville Sun DCF: Drug rules for foster children were ignored

10-Jun-09 Miami Herald DCF: Drug rules for foster children were ignored

10-Jun-09 Lakeland Ledger Portrait Of a Young Man

9-Jun-09 Tampa Tribune Panel probes DCF drug rules

10-Jun-09 St. Petersburg Times We must all make children a priority - Letter by Douglas Bonar, Pinellas Park

10-Jun-09 St. Petersburg Times What are we doing to the children? - Letter by Irene Sullivan, Pinellas-Pasco Circuit Court judge, Pinellas Park

11-Jun-09 TC Palm Editorial: State agency must pay greater attention to detail for children in foster care


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