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NAMI - Funding - 56 percent - Pharma

MindFreedom International News - 5 May 2009

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US Senate Probe Discovers:

Most NAMI Money is From Psychiatric Drug Industry

by MindFreedom News


NAMI has admitted to a US Senate probe that a majority of their funds over the last five years, 56 percent on average, have been from drug

corporations. NAMI has agreed with the probe to immediately begin quarterly postings to their web site with a list of drug company

donations and amounts.


MindFreedom obtained a letter sent last week by NAMI executive director Michael J. Fitzpatrick to "NAMI Leaders and Members." The

letter is a response to the probe of NAMI by US Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) initiated on 6 April 2009.


In the 28 April letter, copied below, Mr. Fitzpatrick wrote, "As reported to Senator Grassley, pharmaceutical companies contributed an

average of 56% of national NAMI's budget annually for the period 2005 - 2009."


Mr. Fitzpatrick passionately defends the drug company donations, but says NAMI has a strategic plan to lower the percentage.


Commented MindFreedom director, David Oaks, "The NAMI board should have listened to its own Consumer Council which voted for full

disclosure many years ago, but was ignored." MindFreedom maintains a count of the number of times the NAMI web site uses the phrase

"biologically based" when referring to mental health problems. Said Oaks, "There are as many theories about the cause of extreme mental

problems as there are colors in the rainbow.


Unfortunately, NAMI's rainbow is mainly green -- drug company money green. Now we know why."


MindFreedom is encouraging an international "thank you" from everyone to Senator Grassley for investigating psychiatric drug money

corruption, click here:


LISTEN and CALL-IN LIVE to a special free online MindFreedom web radio

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