Friday, February 29, 2008

Psychiatrist testifies he prescribed three drugs at first session to 5 year old

How can this be right? 
You may recall the extremely high profile case of Rebecca Riley, a  4 year old  girl in Massachusetts, who died while on various psychiatric drugs including the antipsychotic drug  Seroquel.   The Boston Globe, NY Times,  CNN and USA Today  reported that story widely.  
Now , a responsible psychologist from Tennessee contacted us this morning to report  a tragedy.    The mother of a 6 year old girl named Cheyenne is on trial in Tennessee for her daughter's murder.
Psychiatrist Saran Mudumbi should also be on trial.   He prescribed a combination of drugs for this little girl that included the antipsychotics Risperdal and Seroquel.  (More on antipsychotic drugs here:

Psychiatrist Saran Mudumbi testified that he put Cheyenne Delp, then 5, on three  different types of medication to fight depression,  anxiety and paranoia after one office  visit with the child. That initial visit took place April 3, 2003
Southern Standard 

Cheyenne was heavily medicated  -   Psychiatrist testifies he prescribed three drugs at first session
By James Clark 
Feb 27, 2008

Regardless of what killed Cheyenne Delp on June 26, 2004, she was a child under the influence of heavy medication the day she died.

The medicine Cheyenne was prescribed was so powerful, she had to undergo an EKG to determine if her heart was healthy enough for her to take Imipramine, a heavy duty anti-depressant.






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