Sunday, February 03, 2008

3 docs miss stroke & say mother is depressed after losing her baby - mother dies - UK

Another example of why a full medical physical should always be performed on someone before a psychiatric diagnosis.
20 January 2008
EXCLUSIVE 3 docs miss stroke & say Linsey is depressed after losing her baby.. Nurses are even sent to take her to a psychiatric hospital After 11 DAYS' hell she dies in hospital following a brain op Appalling tragedy of mum of two killed by medical blunders
By Martyn Halle

Heartbroken Mark Hibberd is mourning his wife Linsey after a shocking series of hopelessly WRONG diagnoses by a procession of doctors.

Linsey, 29, was struck down with all the classic symptoms of a stroke a few days after her eagerly-awaited third baby was still-born.

But a hospital casualty doctor WRONGLY diagnosed her slurred speech and numbness on one side of her body as grief caused by loss of the child.

As the symptoms worsened Mark, 39, called his GPs but two doctors WRONGLY diagnosed depression - and one even sent two nurses to take Linsey to psychiatric hospital.

Finally a psychiatrist with no specialist training in brain haemorrhage took one look at the semi-paralysed mum and stated the blindingly obvious: SHE'S HAD A STROKE.

By then it was too late. Mum-oftwo Linsey died from a massive blood clot on the brain just 11 days after losing her baby.

Unusually, the hospital where the first wrong diagnosis was made paid for last week's funeral without being asked.

But Mark, who wept bitterly as his wife's coffin was lowered into the same grave as their still-born son's, told The People: "I can't believe that I've lost the baby and my wife one after another.

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