Monday, January 14, 2008

Video - Psych Busted - Canada


A Newfoundland doctor who sexually assaulted and peddled highly addictive drugs to several of his patients was sentenced Monday to seven years. Dr. Sean Buckingham was convicted last month of five counts of sexual assault, six counts of trafficking painkillers such as OxyContin and Lorazepam, and one count of assault. Buckingham remained silent as he was sentenced and as he was led out of court. Defence lawyer Randy Piercey declined comment. During Buckingham's two-month trial, a jury heard patients testify in explicit detail how he provided them drugs in exchange for money and sexual favours over a two-year span. Buckingham was convicted in that case of sexual assault, but found not guilty of sexual assault causing bodily harm and sexual assault with a weapon. He was also acquitted of two counts of trafficking OxyContin and two other counts of sexual assault. Buckingham was arrested at his home on May 26, 2005, after an extensive two-year police investigation. Buckingham initially faced 23 charges, but during the trial Justice Adams directed the jury to acquit Buckingham on five of them. The order came after the Crown agreed that evidence before the court didn't support those charges. 




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