Friday, January 11, 2008

Looney Alabama Psychiatrist Running for President - Ridiculed

The Huffington Post
January 11, 2008
Be afraid, be very afraid: Alabama psychiatrist... Dr. Hugh Cort declared his intention to stay in the race, with an ad showing him standing in front of the U.S. Capitol, pledging to thwart what he calls Osama bin Laden's "American Hiroshima" plot to detonate nuclear weapons in U.S. cities. In amateurish special effects, the Capitol becomes a mushroom cloud. We at Roadkill don't know whether we should be more frightened of being vaporized by bin Laden or a paranoid psychiatrist with his finger on the nuclear trigger 

Birmingham News (Alabama)
Psychiatrist has his eye on White House

"Hugh Cort? Can't say I know him," said Mike Hubbard, chairman of the Alabama Republican Party.  
"Oh yeah. I remember now," Hubbard said. "He introduced himself when (Dick) Cheney was in Birmingham in April for the (Jeff) Session's fundraiser. I remember he told me he was running for president and I asked, president of what? He said `president' and I said, again, president of what When he said the United States, I guess I must have looked a little odd and said, `America?' Is he really doing that?"  
A lifelong Republican, Cort's only other try for public office was a failed race for the GOP nomination to a seat in the Alabama Legislature last year. He finished fourth in a five-way race.

This guy's freaking us all out 
As much as other speakers tried to spread the good news, presidential contender Hugh Cort's tack is to spread the bad news. Basically, his outreach is based on an effort to scare the hell out of voters. A psychiatrist from Birmingham, Ala., ... He painted a picture of an "American Hiroshima"  ... being planned by Osama bin Laden. 

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