Thursday, October 04, 2007

Link between Splenda and depression?

During the period she was eating and drinking Splenda™, Michelle complained that she was having drastic mood swings and outbursts of crying that were affecting her normal routine. At the time, she attributed the breakdowns to motherhood and some financial problems--but then her mother told her about a possible connection between Splenda™ and depression.

Michelle decided to do some research and found that there were other examples of people who thought there was a connection between Splenda™ and depression, as well as medical doctors who supported these conclusions. Dr. Joseph Mercola, author of The Total Health Program states that Splenda™ not only causes depression but a myriad of other health problems in--The dangers of Splenda™


Anonymous said...

Depression is caused by lack of or loss of power. Serotonin is the power neurotransmitter. When one makes a tidy sum of money or receives a job promotion, which includes either more power over others or more pay, and less subjugation to others, one gets a wonderful feeling of elation. This is because depression is inversely proportional to power and money.

Other ways to understand this: In most cases, homliness will result in one never attaining much power or social status. Blue collar workers and those in menial jobs tend to be much homlier than white collar workers.

Models can make huge sums of money without being very intelligent. But as the modeling biz is very competitive and cut throat, we see many models experiencing a yo-yo of income. It is during the lows of their income that they become depressed and then are vulnerable to alcohol and drug addictions.

Due to the extreme competitiveness of the modeling biz, models will often become enslaved to an agent or photographer because they percieve him to be a pathway to income for them. But the enslavement makes them depressed.

These are some of the reasons that models have such chaotic personal lives and may seem to have more depression than other groups.

The super rich are rarely depressed, even in homely. Look at Bill Gates of Microsoft. One could hardly be homlier, and yet he has nothing at all to be depressed about - he has come as close to being a god as one can. Gods are never depressed, as they have ultimate power.

If one is having financial insecurities, then that is the primary cause of depression, not the little bit of Splenda that one may be consuming. No amount of Splenda can depress Bill Gates.

The best tonic for depression is power and money.

Note: when you are poor and powerless you can really help no one, not even yourself. The rich give to charities because it makes them feel good, that is, the opposite of depressed. The reason charitiy makes one feel good is that by the mere fact that you can give, you make a public statement that you have power, at least more power than the people you are helping.

There are very few cases of a person is depressed and not suffering financial insecurities. Win the lottery, the depression vanishes instantly. You can tell your *sshole boss to shove it. Your boss was your oppressor. You needed the lottery win to get out from under his oppression. Even a mortgage is an oppression, which the lottery win also resolves.

In some cases we hear about someone with a significant income who is depressed. This is usually because they are egotistically comparing themselves to others who are richer and more powerful than they. Such a person will be cured with a boost of money or power than elevates them over those they are envying. Or, they can learn to not envy, but that is hard for many people in that position, whose entire notion of self worth is created by comparison to others more powerful and rich than they.

And finally sometimes we hear of someone who is wealthy, not at all envious, and yet they are still depressed. This is usually because they are entagled with one or more people, usually family members, who are subjugating them in an emotional power struggle. The solution there is to get away from those people who are dominating you. That can be difficult if one also derives one's self-worth from those people - for instance, by getting one's oppressors out of one's life, one may also have to give up a high society social scene, and endure gossip from those high society snipers who will get high on bashing you behind your back. But the will be the price to be paid for happiness or alleviation from depression in that situation.

Hopefully one will not have to give up the money as well. But for some, the access to wealth is tied in with the oppressor. Unwilling to let go of the money, such a person will be in therapy for life, and will turn over every stone in the world looking for happiness, and never find it.

There you go, that's it. The whole story of depression. It is not a spontaneous, random chemical imbalance. The chemicals do become unbalanced, but the unbalancing is caused by oppression and poverty and economic stress.

Get a better job, a job promotion, or a higher life philosophy, and you'll be cured. This may require additional education to qualify for the promotion, or you may have to work back channels.

Own a home, don't rent. Renting is far more oppression than owning.

Save money. Money in the bank gives economic security, reduces stress and is a tool to help you avoid really oppressive situations.

Did you know that the poor living on the sidewalks of Bombay and Calcutta are extremely depressed? The chemical imbalance did not precede their arrival on the sidewalks, rather, it followed it.

It's really so simple.


Anonymous said...

"Anonymous" is full of cr@p. I spent a month in Ethiopia amongst some of the most impoverished people in the world, and coincidentally some of the happiest, most content people in the world! Depressions quite often can be caused by being a "slave to the machine" consumed with envy and greed. Being content with ones circumstance is a choice.