Sunday, September 23, 2007

Florida Psychs in Hot Water

This webpage continues to name the psychs in Florida who are getting in hot water:
It now has over 1,650 entries.
Florida law defines psychotherapist as a psychiatrist, psychologist, school psychologist, mental health counselor, social worker or marriage counselor. 
We've worked on compiling discipline reports  from the Department of Health  and we are also working on compiling public records from various sources including criminal cases, lawsuits, etc.
We will be working on beefing up the mug shot page here:  Example:
This is an ongoing project and your support is appreciated.
Some items of interest from Florida: 

Video related to this story  and article:
"I have one message for criminal psychotherapists in this state. The Department of Health is now coming after you." 
Ken Kramer
St. Petersburg Times 

The Miami Herald
Alert - Check Out Experts in Mental Health

A new website, 
, has been launched to help journalists, law enforcement, insurance investigators and citizens gain ready access to governmental reports on mental health practitioners in the state of Florida.

The website contains disciplinary records from the state Department of Health on psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health counselors, marriage counselors and clinical social workers. These reports cover medical incompetence, misprescribing drugs, sexual misconduct, criminal convictions, ethical lapses and other offenses.

When this phase of report gathering is complete, the site will expand to include reports from various law enforcement agencies, the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Food and Drug Administration and Medicare/Medicaid.

Exposure of Screening for Mental Health, Inc.


Alternative Mainstream      Wednesdays - 9 PM ET 

A radio program dedicated to exposing the dangers of psychiatry and mind-altering drugs and solutions for behavioral problems


Dr. Sal Martingano D.C.  &  Dr. Lee Sheldon

Exposure of TeenScreen.   Media here:
22,732 signatures on the anti TeenScreen petition:

Florida Law A public school may not deny any student access to programs or services because the parent of the student has refused to place the student on psychotropic medication.

See the  new batch of photos exposing NAMI as a front group for pharma here: 


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