Thursday, August 16, 2007

Firms accused of altering entries on Wikipedia site

Seroquel is an anti-psychotic drug, there are documented cases suicidality and it is included with many other drugs in this May 2, 2007 FDA drug warning on suicidality.

Firms accused of altering entries on Wikipedia site

A NUMBER of top companies and organisations have been accused of altering their entries on the online encyclopedia website Wikipedia.

The site can be edited by anyone, but in several cases companies are deleting embarrassing episodes from their history, according to WikiScanner, a site that traces the source of changes.

Among the companies alleged to be involved are Asda owner Wal-Mart, Disney, AstraZeneca and Sony. In one example, references to claims that Seroquel, a drug developed by AstraZeneca, carries a risk of making teenagers "more likely to think about harming or killing themselves" were deleted by a user of a computer registered to the drug firm.

The change happened despite the US Food and Drug Administration ruling in May that makers of all antidepressants update labels to warn about the increased risks of suicidal thinking in young adults.

AstraZeneca confirmed it was "investigating questions regarding a change to the Wikipedia entry".

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Anonymous said...

My son committed suicide on July 27, 2006... 3 weeks after starting seroquel. Thanks for the info.