Wednesday, May 30, 2007

America's implanted religious leadership

It would appear that religious guidance in America has been replace by a new priesthood — new religious leadership, so to speak — and one which far, far outweighs the former authority and powers of ministers, pastors, priests, and others. It would appear that totalitarian observation and control of we the people has fallen into the hands of the MSWs, advocates, and professional counselors who now force-direct the beliefs, behaviors, and courses of our lives — and under threats of "mental" and "drug therapy" designations. In other words, one dares not disagree with nor disregard the authority of the social scientists that have acquired the authority to take your children and your sanity if you are seen as a "threat" to their politically prepared definitions of proper "community" opinion.

Social science: America's implanted religious leadership


Nancy Levant
May 27, 2007

It is this writer's opinion that the divisions in the Christian religion — the denominations — worked like political charms to all but topple the religion on American soil. In light of the fact that nearly 90% of our churches are now governmental/corporate entities (501-c-3's), perhaps this was the ultimate road to unalienable ruin. But for certain, the voice of the church was divided and replaced with new missions, beliefs, and social/civil mandates. As such, a new priesthood evolved, which now defines and directs the moral values, moral COMPASS, and behavioral trajectory of the American people.

We the people now live under the professional guidance of social sciences. In fact, we are all profiled and counseled by social scientists of many, many makes and measures. Who amongst us does not personally know an MSW, an "advocate," or a "counselor" working in one "human service" system or another? And who among these "professionals" does not have pen, multiple triplicate forms, and computer entry screens with your names highlighted and in hand?

We the people are now told by our socialist scientists what, when, and how to eat; when and how to sleep, which and how many drugs we are required to take, what to learn and not learn, what to believe and not believe, how and where to volunteer our community services, what careers we should pursue, what life-ling learning courses, certifications, licenses, and credentials we must have to work; what is politically acceptable, what religions are acceptable and unacceptable, what our beliefs regarding gender definition and reproduction should be, and why we must be genetically profiled to determine the reproductive fitness of our personal gene pools.

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