Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Teen Screen presentation

KPU is stepping up in the teen screen fight.
Please see their website Kenosha Parents Union for an awesome powerpoint
presentation on Teen Screen:

Fight the Fight, sign the Petition!!!!

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Lakshmi Priya devi dasi said...

by Lisa Loring
The Daily Kenoshan
March 4, 2006
In the interest of finding out what the heck was going on in our local school district regarding the possible invasion of the child suicide screeners - TeenScreen, I submitted a public records request to the Kenosha Unified School District. Joe Friday's "Just the facts, Ma'am" was the approach I wanted to take.

The public records showed that the school district social worker, Joe Kucak, was working in lockstep with the suicide screeners. The frantic Kucak, worked as if the local TeenScreen battle had national significance, as if TeenScreen was fighting for its last breath of air. Kenosha was the focus and Kucak was on stage. He spent a still undetermined amount of time soliciting letters to support the screeners, to little avail. Kucak worked like a pharmaceutical sales rep closing in on the last Zyprexa sale of the month to ensure a bonus. Luckily Kucak failed as the school board told him "NO!" like a parent scolding a child who stepped off the curb without looking both ways.

One of the public records I obtained, an e-mail, originated from TeenScreen's NYC headquarters. Christina Carro, "Program Coordinator" had written to Kucak. That particular e-mail had an attachment entitled: "Responding to Critics of Mental Health Screening". Ms. Carro instructed Kucak "We would recommend using this document as something for your own reference, but wouldn't recommend distributing it to the general group".

Therefore in the interest of truth, justice and the non-TeenScreen way, we are distributing that document to the "general group" - the entire Internet! You will find it in its entirety below.

see www.dailykenoshan.com for entire story
Lisa Loring
News Editor Daily Kenoshan