Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Pounding of TeenScreen Continues - Syracuse, New York

The Post Standard
Syracuse, New York
TeenScreen program used to push drugs to students
To the Editor:

I read the article "New program focuses on fifth and ninth-graders" that appeared on Jan. 14 and am appalled at the contents.

The article states as if it were a fact that children need to be screened for mental health issues and that mental health issues for children are a growing concern nationally.

The program described in the article is called TeenScreen, a joint effort by psychiatric and pharmaceutical front groups. TeenScreen has been created in order to use our schools as a recruit pool for new patients.

TeenScreen promoters have stated that suicide is a leading cause of death among teenagers.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, the suicide rate among children, including teens, actually dropped 25 percent in the last decade. A May 2004 Preventive Services Task Force concluded that there is no evidence that screening for suicide reduces suicide attempts. In essence, the program is unwarranted and unproductive.

TeenScreen is simply a front for the pharmaceutical industry to peddle their drugs to our children.

Additionally, nine out of 10 children who go to see a psychiatrist leave with a psychiatric drug prescription. When this frightening statistic is combined with the fact that 100 percent of the 10th graders tested under TeenScreen at Hoover High in Fresno, Calif. had "positive diagnostic impressions," you are looking at some terrifying results.

Todd Wilson

Coast to coast - the assault on TeenScreen continues.   New York already has a plan to screen 400,000 kids and Syracuse is targeting 5th graders.

See here for your neck of the woods:

It needs to stop. 

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Anonymous said...

There is another major despicable aspect to the pharmaceuticals greed for profits. It has been known for almost 50 years that schizophrenic patients in non-familial cases had older fathers. Subsequently at least 8 studies done all over the world have shown that fathers over 35 had stastically significant higher rates of schizophrenia that increase with the age of the father. Fathers over 50 had almost a 500% higher rate of schizophrenic offspring. This fact has been hidden and the PR in the media encourages older fathering and the pharmas are behind this PR. So much money is to be made and the pharmas know that there are sure to be messed up kids out there and have developed Teen Screen to find them and anyone else they can get.









The article below talks about the recent autism study and also mentions schizophrenia.
Now they use Teen screen and they advertise baby screen urging older fathers to bring their kids in for screening for autism. At the same time they say that loving older fathers may offset the genetic risks. They get this quote from Malaspina the psychiatrist who had the first really large study. At first she had trouble getting her study published in the major journals.
There could be public health warnings of the risks of older fathering. Men could freeze semen for later fathering, but no one knows about this connection and if they know they don't care enough to talk about it. Older fathering is also linked to diabetes1, cancers, Alzheimer's, and MS all in families without the family history.

I don't know if you have ever covered this topic before. I hope you will read the links and decide for yourself.