Saturday, January 27, 2007

foster care truth

State care of children = drugs, drugs and more drugs


Suncana A. said...

Children Are Dying

Foster care in America is a disaster: financially, legally, emotionally, physically and in any other way. The biggest tragedy of it all is that WE choose not to see it, pretending it doesn’t exist. Is this repeating the past? Like the Holocaust. Then, too, people were closing their eyes at the tragedy in front of them. If they hadn’t, if they reacted, there would have been much less victims.

Do you know why children die in foster or adoptive placements?
1. The bottom line with many of these agencies is funding, not children.
2. Agencies don't do their job correctly.
corruption, lies, all of it under the disguise of law; social workers abusing their power. Children die in their hands and they never face legal consequences.They feel like they are above the law. They think their mistakes are excusable considering the nobility of their profession. All this is happening right in front of us, in the US but also around the world.
-" Sadistic and criminal aren't words usually associated with social workers. But they come to mind while reading the results of a yearlong investigation into a child-protection bureaucracy that was allowed to go rogue. Social workers gave each other nicknames like "The Queen of Removal" and "Terminator" and laughed as they stripped children from their parents!"-

This page is in memory of children died of neglect or abuse while under the care of the social service agencies!

How many stories have to be told of children who have died when they were either under CPS's watch in their own homes or in foster/adoptive placement before people say, “Isn't there something in place to stop that?”
The only way to create change is to bring it to the public's attention. It is about the children! Please hear the childrens' cry !
Those Children Were Failed by the System ! Please, don't wait for new name on this page.

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