Saturday, December 09, 2006

Community vs. corrupt commerce - How money really works

"As a government official, one of the things Fitts constantly witnessed was how policies were engineered to promote higher stocks for corporations. “There was tremendous synergy between how policies are designed and what drove the New York Stock Exchange up,” she says. 
 As an illustration, Fitts cites a 1999 report by journalist Kelly O’Meara on the single common denominator found in cases of high school shootings in the US. O’Meara claims the shooters were on Ritalin or other prescribed psychotropic drugs. Pointing to an overhead slide, Fitts shows a profit breakdown of the nine million American children on Ritalin, with the profit per child to the maker at an estimated $54 per annum.
 “I have a close family member who was a teacher in the Tennessee school system who was constantly pressured by parents to sign something that said their kids need to be put on Ritalin, because if your kid was disabled you could get a social security cheque,” she adds."

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louis kayser said...

psychiatry, psychology,mental health in general is a scam from the word go.a bunch of unproven theories biased to government corruption, profitable drug companies and greedy doctors.