Thursday, December 14, 2006

Battling The Blues With Exercise

drugs = remission, brain damage, deformed babies, violence, suicide and loss of inhibitions
exercise = sore muscles and a feeling of accomplishment, a better looking tush, productivity and no remission
"Researchers at Duke University Medical Center in Durham have studied the benefits of exercise for relieving depression. They’ve found, in many cases, regular workouts are as helpful as antidepressants.

One study followed 156 patients who were age 50 and older and had been diagnosed with major depression. After 16 weeks, those who exercised for 30 minutes at least three times a week improved as significantly as those who either took antidepressants or combined the two therapies. Six months later, only 8 percent of those in the exercise-only group had become depressed again. That’s especially impressive when compared to the other two groups’ relapse rates: 38 percent for those who only took medication; 31 percent for those who combined drugs with physical activity."

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