Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wisconsin Educator: TeenScreen survey raises troubling questions

Kenosha News
November 22, 2006
TeenScreen survey raises troubling questions
   Life and liberty are gifts of God, the Creator. Suicide, abortion and euthanasia as alternatives to life have serious moral and eternal consequences.  
   A new fad/survey, TeenScreen, to identify possible teenage suicide intentions regarding schoolchildren, has gone national and local. The Kenosha Unified School District has had early plans to implement the controversial suicide survey developed at Columbia University using the schools/students in the data experiment. 

   The 150-question suicide/data and survey has not been seen nor approved by parents, but vigilant friends of freedom have much research and discovered troubling information concerning the funding, marketing, privacyparental-pupil concerns and more. 

   Please use the Internet and other sources to learn more about: TeenScreen and the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health sites for information you have not been given. 

   The right to privacy does not end on entering places called schools. Any personal information regarding mental, physical, spiritual behavior is the ownership of the student and first-parent, the family. Any personal data on a student should have the review and approval of the parent, first and finally. Medical, mental, spiritual review or remediation should be done with the full knowledge and approval of the student and parent, always. 

   Schools should educate and leave behavior, mental manipulation to the voluntary sector, if needed, by trusted professionals. 

   The genius, Albert Einstein, was labeled “addled” by his school, and his mother removed him to homeschool. Give your child time, love, regard for moral rightness, hope; but exert caution when one seeks to do “good” without your knowledge or permission. 

   Maxim: “You know it is true when it happens to you or your child.” 
 Gene Malone
Note: Mr. Malone has a Masters Degree in Education and began his teaching career in 1959. He retired from the Kenosha public school district in 1990 after teaching American History for 30 years. He is a prolific writer and founder of Freedom 2000/USA. 

Stop TeenScreen's Unscientific and Experimental "Mental Health Screening" of American School Children

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