Friday, October 20, 2006

Wife Thinks Medication Had Role In Farmer's Death

COLUMBIA, Tenn. -- New questions have been asked about what may have led to the deadly shooting of a Maury County sod farmer.

Police found Robin McFall’s body on his family’s farm in the spring, and his widow Jackie said she thinks his medication could have led to his his death.

“What happened to my husband that day … it clearly wasn’t him,” Jackie McFall said.

She believes that anti-depressants, coupled with medication that Robin McFall had been taking for a heart ailment, ultimately led him to his death.

Jackie Mcfall said that anti-depressants affect people in different ways and that they can change a person.

Robin McFall was killed with a single gunshot. Police had been called after unusual behavior that involved a 20 hour standoff and odd ruminations about Robin McFall wanting to die.

"I have had people say just since my husband died that he would say to them he didn't care if he lived or died,” Jackie McFall said.

Jackie Mcfall said she hopes her experience will make others think twice about how illness is treated.


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