Saturday, October 21, 2006

Education Expert Offers Insight into the Fraud of TeenScreen

Education Expert Offers Insight into the Fraud of TeenScreen

New CCHR Radio Show with Educator and Activist, Joe Enge

JC McKinley, filling in for Bruce Wiseman on the Citizens' Commission on Human Rights radio show, "Take America Back," interviews Joe Enge, educator, author and parents' rights activist. Joe Enge heads an organization called "Ed Watch Nevada," which is a watchdog in the field of education and which advocates parental rights and informed consent regarding their children's education.  As a former Fulbright highschool teacher, (a prestigious program for highly qualified teachers to teach abroad,) Mr. Enge was sent to Eastern Europe to help ex-Communist countries.  He explains the irony in returning home to the U.S. to see increasing expansion of the federal government into private affairs, exemplified by the invasive and fradulent TeenScreen program—part of the current push for universal mental health screening in public schools.

The interview discusses the lack of science behind the program, which is created by psychiatrists and intended to reap profits for the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the dangerous consequences of such a program.  JC and Mr. Enge explain how "TeenScreen" involves schoolchildren filling out questionnaires, consisting of questions like, "Have you ever doubted yourself?," the answers to which will be used to give the children damaging labels that could stick with them for the rest of their lives. They explain that as a result of these labels, children will likely be prescribed dangerous and mind-altering psychiatric drugs. Listen to this interview to discover the lies behind mental health screening programs, how the government plans to implement these programs to screen every child in America and why you should resist this dangerous, invasive plan.

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