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Do You Know Who's Causing Your Depression?

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Do You Know Who's Causing Your Depression?
By Laura Doreson
Sep 28, 2006, 23:29

October 5th is National Depression Screening Day. I'm already feeling depressed. But instead of reaching for a pill, I'm reaching for the truth about who's causing this international epidemic.

Mental illness exists. That's what sanitariums were originally set up for. Fresh air in a safe environment by caring medical staff. A small percentage of people do need this kind of help and should have the right kind of help. I have helped many people and many have helped me. Also, some have not. That seems to be "life". Who have you helped? Did they help you in turn? There are groups that help others. Look at all of the volunteers on Sept. 11th, for example. Did you help yourself today?

We've all been told from various sources that we must face life head-on. Well, it seems to be true. The truth shall set you free. But free from what? Ignorance. Keeping others ignorant throughout history has made them very easy to control. Control has gotten a bad name. But all control is not bad if you really look at it. I'm sure you can find a time when another controlled you and it made you feel better.

All of us face daily stress. All of us have experienced depression at some point in time. You lose a pet, a job, a friend, a spouse or partner. It makes sense to feel sad under those circumstances. If you're human, you have human emotions and reactions to things. Hell, getting up in the morning and facing a workday can be stressful, especially with corporate downsizing, skyrocketing gas prices, our nation at war. Fear surrounds us with the constant bombardment of impending threats of terrorist orange alerts in our cities, fear that our children may be shot in public school, fear of the future of our financial security and that of our childrens'.

Do you feel depressed yet? Well, that's a good sign. You suffer from being human and alive with emotion. You should talk to your friends and family about how you feel and come up with ways to handle things in your lives so you all are happier. After all, you have some many things right in your life. Have you looked at all of the right things about yourself lately? You must have done something right to be alive and keep going.

Lesson Plan: Part One:

I've been an educator. Today's lesson is in learning the truth about how you're being betrayed by psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry. You may react with anger, grief, hostility. Good! You're human.

Let's look at some quotes from the website of "Screening for Mental Health, Inc." at "...Depression often occurs with other mental health diagnoses, such as bipolar disorder, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as with physical illnesses. ..."

Fact 1: The American Psychiatric Association votes annually on manufactured mental disorders at their annual convention, by a show of hands and by who can shout the loudest. Go to: and click on the video "No Science" to hear what Psychiatrist Emeritus, Dr. Thomas Szasz and Dr. Fred Baughman have to say. Then order the book, "Psychiatry: The Ultimate Betrayal" by Bruce Wiseman.

Fact 2: Dr. Steven Sharfstein, Psychiatrist and President of the American Psychiatric Association, stated on the Today Show, June 2005, "...there is no clear cut test, nor has there ever been in the history of psychiatry, that shows chemical imbalances in the brain. In fact, there is no such thing as chemical imbalances in the brain." Katie Couric asked in mortification, "Dr. Sharfstein, how can you prescribe drugs for things that you are admitting don't exist?!" Dr. Sharfstein smiling wryly replied, "Because we can (chuckle)."

Fact 3: Psychotropic drugs cause chemical imbalances in the brain that are irreversible.

Fact 4: The Food and Drug Administration has issued a "black box warning" on all psychotropic drugs, stating they can cause depression, suicidal thoughts, suicide, headaches, violence, hallucinations, etc.

Fact 4: Most every public school shooting was caused by someone on psychotropic drugs.

Fact 5: Screening for Mental Health, Inc. is funded by Lilly, Pfizer, Solvay, Abbott Laboratories, Wyeth, Forest Pharmaceuticals, AstraZeneca, GSK and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation who all make psychotropic drugs. Go to:

Fact 6: Screening for Mental Health, Inc. has received millions of dollars in donations from the following: 2001--Eli Lilly: $857,925; Pfizer, Inc.: $275,000; Solvay Pharmaceuticals: $27,500; Abbott Laboratories: $35,000; 2002--Eli Lilly: $300,000; Pfizer, Inc.: $200,000; 2003: Eli Lilly: $400,000; Pfizer, Inc.: $150,000; 2004: Eli Lilly: $600,000; Pfizer, Inc.: $125,000; Wyeth Pharmaceuticals: $100,000; Forest Labs: $153,000.

Fact 7: TeenScreen, a fraudulent suicide prevention program, started by Dr. David Shaffer, Psychiatrist, and Executive Director of Columbia DISC Development Group (Diagnostic Interview Schedule for Children), has accepted money from Pfizer, Roche, Wyeth and Novartis. He has also partnered with NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) who have also accepted money from Wyeth and Novartis. Go to:

Part Two:

1. If you, a child or family member are under the care of a psychiatrist or on any psychotropic medication, get help in finding a competent medical doctor to get off of them. Demand medical tests from a competent medical doctor and dentist to search out hidden diseases, infections, bacteria, environmental poisoning that may be causing you to feel depressed. Physically ill people feel depressed.

2. Decide that you want to live and be healthy and know that you are not alone and can get competent care.

3. Change your diet. Eat healthier food. The human body works on good nutrition, not medication.

4. Get some form of exercise everyday. Take a walk and look at the things around you. The human body needs oxygen and water.

5. Take a good look at your friends and acquaintances. If any of them are causing you stress, don't associate with them for awhile or at all.

6. Make the time to do the little things you like to do. Take a walk, read a book, watch a movie, buy yourself something small or big that you want.

7. Help another. Pass it on.

Laura Doreson has over two decades of experience as a freelance private tutor, teacher, instructor and home school teacher. She has trained hundreds of professional educators, doctors, parents and children in how to read and study for application.

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