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Big pharma and psychiatry are quite an evil due...
Modern Psychiatry
October 12, 2006
by Mike Adams, Dan Berger
 Big Pharma and psychiatry are quite an evil duo. The drug companies concoct drugs to treat so-called "brain chemistry disorders," and then psychiatrists engage in rampant disease mongering combined with "screening" and "treatment" to push those drugs onto children, adults and even senior citizens. The result? Nearly half our population is now on at least one prescription drug, and yet the people are more diseased, less mentally stable and more depressed than ever before in the history of our nation.

Modern psychiatry has been bought out by Big Pharma, you see, and as visually described in this cartoon, psychiatry is the funnel through which countless children are diagnosed with utterly fictitious diseases like ADHD, then put on dangerous drugs sold under a monopoly market at profiteering markups. The real victims in all this are, of course, the children who suffer serious long-term harm from the ongoing consumption of such drugs. Most of the popular psychotropic drugs used on children, for example, also cause blood sugar metabolism disorders that can promote type-2 diabetes. Ever wonder why diabetes is skyrocketing among teens? It's not just the food; it's also the meds.

And that's not to mention the fact that antidepressants can actually cause children to lose their minds and go crazy, committing acts of extreme
violence like gunning down their classmates with automatic weapons. Virtually every school shooting in the last decade (including the infamous
Colombine High shooting) was carried out by children on antidepressant drugs or some other psychotropic medication.

That's why many of these medications have now been banned in the U.K. for use on children. But here in the good ol' USA, the FDA keeps 'em legal for use on anyone, including 3-year-old toddlers who are now being diagnosed by ignorant doctors as "suffering from depression" or "exhibiting attention deficit disorders." Absurd? Yes. But darn profitable for drug companies, which care nothing about toddlers, or teens, or anybody as long as they just keep popping those expensive pills.

The true history of psychiatry and the chemical treatment of so-called mental disorders goes straight back to Nazi Germany, where scientists from IG Farben (which spawned Bayer and other drug firms) were using war prisoners as guinea pigs in Nazi-controlled medical experiments. This isn't some wild conspiracy theory, either: It's part of the historical record. Read Human medical experimentation in the United States: The shocking true history of modern medicine and psychiatry (1833-1965) to catch a glimpse (if you dare).

Want to learn more shocking facts about modern psychiatry? Visit the Citizens Commission on Human Rights.  It's a grassroots organization that fights against the evils of psychiatry and Big Pharma. It was originally set up by the Church of Scientology. I'm not a member of the church, but on this issue I agree with them completely: Psychiatry has gone mad, and it must be stopped.

You can do something about it. Get this into the hands of everyone: and have them sign it
and pass it on.

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