Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Let Truth Win


September 8, 2006 at 23:04:58

Let Truth Win

by Mary Collins


Dark, black clouds are covering all our lands. These clouds are formed by lies, dishonesty and fraud, so much that no bright sun can send its rays of truth to penetrate and reach the view of man.

The clouds come from Psychiatry, the new born faith that's based on whim, on false created ills and deadly drugs given "to help" but which instead cause suicides and death.

Schools are temples for TeenScreen, and other screenings now run by the priests of the God known as "Drug". They carry out their sacred ritual with devotion and make sure that no priests or ministers of other creeds or faiths offer and do help. Drug is a jealous God; spiritual help is now forbidden, and help for the real diseases of the body are not looked for and are left without real help.

Our children do not get the skills of reading, writing and arithmetic. Instead of giving them the help they need to learn their language, they are given drugs; instead of teaching honesty and morals they are given substances that cause violence; instead of helping them with math, they then are told they have a mental problem called a "disorder" and can only learn by obeying the God Drug.

From Media, we hear psychiatry's disciples preach each day of ills that are "so rampant" in our lives. They warn us of the horror of these ills, and encourage us to be afraid we'll suffer greatly. We hear them advertise the great salvation – drugs that have been made to "cure" those ills. They speak without intelligence, with no true knowledge, but with certainty that's based on blind devotion and blind faith.

Though "mental illness" is but fraud, since no facts are there that can prove a mind disorder really is, and so all are false, the faithful still cry out in great alarm that these are valid ills. They cry out, "The children left without the sacred drugs are doomed". And because so many dark clouds hide the truth, our children get addicted, become ill, both in their minds, but also physically; have twisted drug-induced hallucinations, kill friends, their families and themselves.

And all because they followed the commands of Drug, the deadly God who rules.

They're falsely told their brain has an "imbalance" which can only then be helped by taking drugs. They're told they have a "mental illness", and so are stigmatized for life. They're normal beings who have problems, yet real help is lost to them as soon as they bow down and worship Pharma, Psychiatrists and those who follow the God Drug.

In clouds of false euphoria, children, people, millions, feel so "good" and act out all their lives like puppets, now subservient to the God named Drug. The substances are of a nature same with morphine, opium and cocaine. The God Drug's slaves hope they can continue to feel numbed; yet do forget the spark of life has dimmed and finally gone.

There are among us Knights of Decency, Giants of Intellect, those men who are courageous, who are strong, and who are really our true leaders. They are the doctors, teachers, parents – all who will and do speak out against the crimes that others dare not look at, the crimes that many cannot see because the horrors are so covered with the false, deceitful darkness.

These Knights of Decency can see the truth; they see that children die, they see that suicides are happening, that violence does occur, that minds are altered for the worst, and all from the devotion to God Drug and Psychiatry.

We must stop the evil acts that kill our children and adults. When we do this, we'll have people who're sane. Happiness will fill the atmosphere and artists can create the beauty we all need, the beauty which will lift our spirits and will give us hope for better lives; we'll make our country one where creativity, intelligence and advances in the arts and science can thrive.

Let's see and tell the truth, take away the dark clouds and be free again, so Human Rights can then be sacred, and honesty is king.


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