Although peddling psychiatric drugs for off-label treatment of every ailment known to man is highly profitable, it is also illegal. Marketing schemes that increase the rates at which drugs are prescribed for off-label use, result in the sale of drugs that have not been proven safer or superior to FDA approved medications already on the market.

That said, its time to quit blaming the pharmaceutical industry exclusively for off-labeling marketing. The fact remains, that drug makers could not sell their new and relatively untested drugs if not for the doctors who take on the role of middle-man pusher.

Since the arrival of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors antidepressants (SSRIs), and atypical antipsychotics on the market, countless studies have shown the so-called "new generation" of psychiatric drugs to be ineffective and dangerous. But for years, drug companies have successfully manipulated data, suppressed negative studies, and reported only the clinical trials with positive results.

However, by now plenty of warnings have been issued about these drugs, and doctors who continue to prescribe them due to financial incentives from pharma, or because they happen to be approved by the compromised FDA, should not be let off the hook. If it takes a few highly publicized lawsuits against prescribing physicians to knock some sense into these doctors, so be it.

Medical professionals need to start conducting their own research which means doing more than relying on medical journal abstracts on the internet that for the most part, are formatted to report misleading claims without mentioning the contradictory data.