It’s looking more and more like the American contribution to population reduction will be in the form of diagnosing half its citizens as mental incompetents. That will naturally lead to reproductive legislation and control. And when they come up with a way to declare eldership and religiosity as mental illnesses, which is well underway, that will clear the way for incarceration and euthanasia legislation, including, but not limited to, starvation and dehydration.

The plan, according to Bush, his pharmaceutical connections, and TMAP is to test every American citizen for emotional and “social” problems. Children and pregnant women are being tested, as we speak, and senior citizens are of particular vulnerability and concern. There are a lot of seniors in the U.S. The government already spent all the Social Security savings, and once the powers-that-be crash the stock markets, seniors will be flat broke and destitute.

All one can say is… who let the freaks wag the dog?

The people who are running this country, and those they truly serve, slipped over an edge a long time ago. Now, after losing property, homes, Constitutional rights, and even toilets that hold proper amounts of water, we are to simply allow ourselves to be diagnosed by partnership-money trails and desires for pathological power and profits. Sincerely, truly, we are not going to allow this to continue…are we?